Today I felt bored. I asked myself why. I gave myself the answer.

I had removed myself from a feeling, that skippy state of consciousness that always makes me feel ebullient and alive and rascally:


I therefore thought about this feeling and on how I could summon it. The word ‘disruptive’ popped up in my mind. ‘Disruptive’ as in ‘unruly’.  I looked unruly up in the dictionary. I found

not amenable to discipline or control

Then I looked up ‘undisciplined’

lacking in discipline, uncontrolled in behavior or manner

Then I looked up ‘discipline’

the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience; the controlled behavior resulting from discipline.

Here lay the answer. Unawares, I had fallen prey to ‘discipline disease’. Good, good, good girl. No wonder I felt bored.

So today, my antidote will be this glorious word,



ps. which, by the way means innovative or ground breaking, i.e., original, fresh, newavant-gardeexperimentalinventiveingeniouscreative.

Perfect, I’m back on track.